ASUS ROG G750JY - Charge your Notebook PC.

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Charge your Notebook PC.

A. Connect the AC power cord to the AC/DC adapter.
B. Plug the AC power cord into a 100V~240V power source.
C. Connect the DC power connector into your Notebook PC’s

power (DC) input port.


Power adapter information:

- Input voltage: 100-240Vac

- Input frequency: 50-60Hz

- Rating output current: 230W (11.8A)

- Rating output voltage: 19V

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Notebook PC E-Manual


• Locate the input/output rating label on your Notebook PC and

ensure that it matches the input/output rating information

on your power adapter. Some Notebook PC models may have

multiple rating output currents based on the available SKU.

• Ensure that your Notebook PC is connected to the power adapter

before turning it on for the first time. We strongly recommend that

you use a grounded wall socket while using your Notebook PC on

power adapter mode.

• The socket outlet must be easily accessible and near your

Notebook PC.

• To disconnect your Notebook PC from its main power supply,

unplug your Notebook PC from the power socket.


Read the following precautions for your Notebook PC’s battery.

• The battery used in this device may present a risk of fire or

chemical burn if removed or disassembled.

• Follow the warning labels for your personal safety.
• Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type.
• Do not dispose of in fire.
• Never attempt to short-circuit your Notebook PC’s battery.
• Never attempt to dissamble and reassemble the battery.
• Discontinue usage if leakage is found.
• The battery and its components must be recycled or disposed of


• Keep the battery and other small components away from children.

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Notebook PC E-Manual